Spring Storms and Hail: Home Insurance

Spring storms and hail-home insurance-Stone Insurance Group

Springtime may have you questioning your home insurance. Spring is a season of warmer temperatures, raindrops, green leaves, and blooming flowers. However, springtime can always bring its unpredicted heavy storms and hail. An intense storm, whether rain or hail, could be very disastrous and costly if you are not properly prepared. Hailstorms cause almost $1 billion […]

Car Hacking: Keep Your Car Secure

Car hacking-stone insurance group

New technologies bring new opportunities and experiences. However, they can also open doors to an array of problems potentially lowering its excitement level – this includes car hacking. The enhanced technology of your vehicle may make it convenient, but it also makes it a vulnerable threat that can lure hackers. As crazy as it sounds, […]

So Many Choices – Why Choose SIG?

Insurance-why choose sig-stone insurance group

Yes – we know there are a plethora of options when it comes to trusting an insurance agency with insurance products. A one-size-fits-all approach to insurance coverage increases the risk of covering what you don’t need and neglecting what you do. With 15 years of expertise, SIG is committed to the success and protection of […]

ATV Insurance Questions Answered

ATV Insurance-Stone Insurance Group

Love being adventurous and a bit risky? Do you enjoy driving down a muddy slope or up the Rocky Mountains on an All-TerrainVehicle (ATV)? If so, consider the importance of coverage on the ATV–and oneself–before enjoying this thrilling hobby. Insurance for an ATV is crucial to an owner in which it protects them from: damage […]

Contractors Do You Need Insurance?

Contractors Do You Need Insurance?

A contractor’s job can be one of the most extensive careers out there. Like in many fields of work, there can be risk involved on a daily basis. As a business owner–and an employee whom is a contractor under a business–insurance coverages must be met for both. The tools and equipment that contractors use are […]

Do you need life insurance?

Do you need life insurance?

Life insurance is a set in stone security plan designed to protect your family or the loved ones who depend on you financially. Life insurance will provide a death benefit to the person whom is your beneficiary on your life insurance plan. This is important to protect your family’s lifestyle if you were to die. […]