Take Control of Your Auto Insurance by Knowing These 5 Variables

Take Control of Your Auto Insurance by Knowing These 5 Variables

When most people think about auto insurance, it’s just a monthly expense that is often seen as an inconvenience. The truth is, auto insurance is essential to protecting you against the unexpected.

By knowing these five variables, however, you can easily take control of your policy, get the protection you need when you’re driving, and avoid breaking the bank! Just think MONEY.

M: Miles Driven Annually

More driving means a higher probability of having an accident. Driving during rush hour or commuting into heavily populated areas can make an insurance company feel like you’re more at risk to have an accident. Let your insurance company know if your annual miles decrease; it could save you money.

O: Options for Additional Discounts

Ask your company about additional savings on your auto insurance. For example, some carriers offer discounts for being accident-free, signing up for auto-renewal, or enrolling in a safe driving course. You can ask about bundling different insurance policies with your auto coverage, too.

N: Never Let Your Coverage Lapse

Letting your insurance coverage lapse can immediately lead to higher rates. Keeping a continuous policy with the same company for more than a year can result in lower rates, but also don’t be afraid to shop around for the best rate. Just make sure to have current coverage while you do so.

E: Experience and Driving Record

Auto insurance companies love seeing experience and a clean driving record. Insurers regularly use your driving record to determine coverage eligibility and how much you will pay. Different insurers place different emphasis on your driving history, but having a clean record never hurts.

Y: Your Age

It’s no secret that auto insurance can be more expensive for young drivers. In fact, Auto insurance rates can drop as much as 20% once you turn 25. Unless you live in California, Hawaii, or Massachusetts, odds are your insurance agency adjusts quotes due to your age.

Our experienced auto insurance brokers will assist you in finding the right coverage for you and your vehicle. Contact us today!

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