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Why Spring Cleaning Should Apply to Your Insurance Policy

Why Spring Cleaning Should Apply to Your Insurance Policy

Insurance policies can be cluttered with information. But they can also be cleaned up just like you’ll probably be tidying up your home soon with some spring cleaning. Conducting an annual review of your policy can help you remove any extraneous coverage you don’t need or add-on something that could really benefit you. Whether your […]

Tips to Winterize Your Home for the Cold Weather

Tips to Winterize Your Home for the Cold Weather

Even in Texas, it is important to winterize your home for the colder weather to ensure proper home warmth and functionality while reducing heating and maintenance costs. Here are a few tips to winterize your home this season: Tip #1: Protect your pipes. When pipes freeze, they can burst suddenly–resulting in severe damage and costly […]

A Fall Recipe for Your Homeowner’s Insurance Checkup

A Fall Recipe For Your Home-Stone Insurance Group

As the year slowly begins to dwindle down and insurance renewal period is around the corner, taking the time to conduct an annual checkup of your current homeowner’s insurance can result in a healthier policy and a fatter wallet. Homeowner’s insurance coverage is designed to protect your home and its assets as well as shield […]

5 Ways to Evaluate Whether a Home Will Grow with You

5 Ways To Evaluate Whether A Home Will Grow With You-Stone Insurance Group

Before investing in a new home, it is important to consider both short-term and long-term factors of living. If you’re unsure if a home is right for you and your family, ask yourself these questions: Where do you see yourself in five years? Allowing yourself to evaluate the bigger picture of your lifestyle in the […]

Flood Insurance: Hurricane Season Is Upon Us

Flood Insurance-stone insurance group

We’ve all heard the horror stories of someone losing their home due to a hurricane or flood. Unfortunately, homeowners generally insure their belongings and not the structure itself. In fact, did you know that the standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage? With the hurricane season upon us, it is important to question whether you […]

Spring Storms and Hail: Home Insurance

Spring storms and hail-home insurance-Stone Insurance Group

Springtime may have you questioning your home insurance. Spring is a season of warmer temperatures, raindrops, green leaves, and blooming flowers. However, springtime can always bring its unpredicted heavy storms and hail. An intense storm, whether rain or hail, could be very disastrous and costly if you are not properly prepared. Hailstorms cause almost $1 billion […]

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