Don’t Waste Sprinkler Water, Save It!

Sprinkler Water-Save It-Springwood Marketing, LLC

Sprinkler Water-Save It-Springwood Marketing, LLC Almost one-third of the water your family uses ends up on your yard. During the summer months, a few simple changes to the way you water can save a precious resource and save you a sufficient amount of money at the same time.

Install timers and sensors. No matter the watering system, putting a timer on it will make your watering more efficient. A sensor has the ability to adjust water flow depending on the amount of rain you’ve had recently. Both additions equate to water conversation and money savings.  

Sprinkler Water-Save It-Springwood Marketing, LLC

Update equipment. Check, replace, and upgrade your irrigation equipment to low precipitation rate sprinklers. These will water plants slowly, minimizing evaporation, runoff and overspray. Consider switching to a drip irrigation system – a drip system delivers water directly to plants’ roots, which can cut down on lawn water usage by 50%.

Water in the mornings. When the sun is high, water evaporates quickly. Watering in the morning prevents the risk of evaporation and allows the water to do its job effectively. In addition, avoid watering on windy days.

Recapture rainwater. One inch of rain on a 1,000-square-foot roof provides 600 gallons of runoff. Place a barrel underneath a downspout to catch the rainwater coming off the roof to water your yard and your plants.

Sprinkler Water-Save It-Springwood Marketing, LLC

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