Auto Insurance: Let the Top Down with Confidence

Auto Insurance: Let the Top Down with Confidence

The sun is shining, and the weather is warming up. It’s that time of year when it feels great to put the top down and just cruise with confidence. But before you hit the road, are you sure that you’re auto insurance policy has the right coverages?

Here are five important coverage options you may not know about.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is one of the most important options in any policy. It’s what protects you when your car gets damaged as a result of any kind of accident—whether it is with a stationary object or another vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle, as well. It goes a step further than just covering collisions, though. Comprehensive coverage protects you against vandalism, theft, and most road hazards.


Property Damage

This is an important part of any auto insurance policy. Property damage coverage is important because it covers other parties if you damage their vehicle or property.

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury coverage protects you financially if you injure another party in an accident. Their medical bills can get expensive, so it can be detrimental if your bodily injury liability is too low or nonexistent in your auto insurance policy.

Un-insured & Under-insured Liability

Say someone hits you but they don’t have insurance, or maybe you’re involved in a hit-and-run with an unidentified party. This coverage is crucial for your property and vehicle to still be insured when you can’t place trust in every other driver on the road to have adequate insurance.


The professionals at Stone Insurance Group are always here to help explain important auto insurance coverages. Contact us today to make sure your policy has the necessary coverages you need.

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