Car Hacking: Keep Your Car Secure

Car hacking-stone insurance group

Car fob- car hacking- stone insurance groupNew technologies bring new opportunities and experiences. However, they can also open doors to an array of problems potentially lowering its excitement level – this includes car hacking.

The enhanced technology of your vehicle may make it convenient, but it also makes it a vulnerable threat that can lure hackers. As crazy as it sounds, car hackers have demonstrated they have the ability to achieve wireless control of certain vehicles’ steering, brakes, and transmission by connecting to its wireless internet network. 

Car hacking-stone insurance group

By staying informed and cautious as a consumer and keeping appropriate vehicle software up to date, you can help protect your car from hackers. More ways to help keep your car secure are:

  • Firewall your fob – If you use a fob, cut the signal off by placing it in a metal box or store it in an inexpensive holder
  • Keep in touch with your car’s manufacture – Stay up to date with recalls and firewall updates
  • Turn the Bluetooth off in your car and on your phone when it’s not being used
  • Hide your Wi-Fi password – Don’t leave it in the glove box
  • Lock your car in your garage at night

Car hacking-stone insurance group

If you’re worried about whether your car is at risk, our professional brokers at SIG will work diligently to ensure they find you the insurance coverage that offers the benefits and safety features that will ease your mind.

Don’t be discouraged. At SIG, we strive to provide our clients with an insurance policy they can count on.

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